Joining WRCFS

Membership of WRCFS is open to any member of the public and we actively encourage Junior members to take up the hobby.
Being affiliated to the BMFA we would recommend that you join the BMFA.
Information on joining the BMFA can be found here stating that your lead club be the WRCFS.
If you are interested in joining our club you can download, print and complete a copy of the WRCFS APPLICATION FORM BY CLICKING HERE, then please scan the form and send it to the secretary using this link.
The form also contains specific information for parents/guardians of prospective members under the age of 16.
Before submitting an application please ensure you have read & understood the constitution & rules. Prospective members are encouraged to come and visit the site and check out the facilities. We ask prospective members to visit us on three occasions before submitting their application and getting their forms signed by a sponsor and a committee member. In this way you will meet your potential club mates and we can meet you. We fly 7 days a week.
If you are already a competent flyer then you may visit the site to fly as a guest of an existing member. You will need to show proof of BMFA insurance.
In all cases, any visit to the flying site should be by arrangement.
2024 Subscriptions :
Senior Club Membership fees are £45 (Members are responsible for ensuring their BMFA and CAA registration is up to date Рproof required). Junior BMFA membership fees are £5, there are no WRCFS fees for juniors.